Edging forward…….the tide turns for design in schools.

Forgive me for starting this post with an image of what is very much a post industrial landscape but in the last few years it has felt a bit like this if you are involved in or concerned about design in schools.  The persistence of the DfE in pushing forward the so called Ebacc with … Continue reading

Ringing the Bell for creativity!

A long blogging break, justified only in part by my other project in the image, but now back to it!  And what a way to start the year.  Sir David Bell made national headlines with a robust critique of elements of the education system as it exists in this country at the moment.  The  arguments were … Continue reading

The make baby and the design bathwater.

  Some very thoughtful and enlightening feedback to my last posts and a conversation with a colleague are the starting points for this post.  My colleague, who teaches at a local sixth form college,  was showing me around and, as you do, we were sharing frustrations.  One in particular was a great product model, fully … Continue reading

“Not everything that counts can be counted….”

One of Zaha Hadid's Liquid Glacial tables.

  If you work in a school that invested heavily in delivering vocational courses then you will remember all too clearly the shock announcement by Mr Gove that all such courses were failing to make the grade and would be reduced in value at a stroke.  That, of course is not real value, just the … Continue reading

Mind the design gap……………What it takes to teach Design Technology

Design sketching: the way that designers think

A recent conversation prompted me to re think a conventional piece of wisdom about the qualities that a Design Technology teacher needs to have.  Of course these are all additional qualities to those that any teacher needs to do their job, well maybe, see what you think.  A long time ago I came across this … Continue reading

“It’s a replicator, Jim, but not as we know it”

  Well, our 3D printers have arrived and are in action.  I cannot recall anything that has so fired the imagination of pupils, staff and parents.  Children have been calling in to see what the latest creation is, staff have been struggling to get their heads around how you can print in 3D, parents have … Continue reading

Design Technology in the National Curriculum…..building for the future.

I try to write one post a week but failed in my mission last week, preparations for the annual Schools Network conference on Engineering and Design Technology interrupted the flow a little.  The focus of the conference was the importance of these subjects for a 21st century education and as it turned out the event may have been timely.  Not only … Continue reading

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