Knowing where to start……..and where to go.

It is amazing how quickly two weeks can fly by, isn’t it?  The Easter holiday is now over and it is back to work with a vengeance, though of course, many of use will have spent a greater or lesser part of our holiday catching up with work, planning work or getting ahead with work.  I … Continue reading

Teaching design………..Making sense of research.

Art Deco design research by year 9 pupils.

The politics of design technology education in the UK has been at the forefront of my thinking for some time now but I started this blog with the aim of sharing ideas and debating with other teachers of design so I feel that it is time for some ideas about the classroom.   One of the cool things about blogging is … Continue reading

Homemade Christmas presents……….the meaning of craft.

There has been quite a debate going on in the media this year about homemade Christmas presents: should you or not?  I suppose it was an inevitable response to a recession, everyone is looking for ways to cut spending and the shock of looking at the list from your children is enough to make anyone … Continue reading

“Truth, Lies and the Internet”…what we need to teach our children.

Anyone of a certain age will know that, somewhat ruefully we reflect on the seeming ease with which children use technology.  A student who stayed after school for two hours until he could get his phone back from the head teacher assured me that it was more than just a phone, it was his calendar, his … Continue reading

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