Teaching creativity

  An argument that I had thought long dead resurface recently, briefly stated it suggests that creativity is not something that can or should be taught in schools because in order to be creative an individual needs to have a wide range of knowledge and skills.  These things are what schools should be teaching so … Continue reading

Success and failure in design education….when getting it wrong can be the right thing.

It was one of those conversations that you find yourself having with groups of children, you hear yourself explaining the same thing that you have had to many times in the past and something strikes you afresh.  Often that fresh insight is from the children, almost all of the projects that we run have benefited from the … Continue reading

Assessment for learning….Handing back the baton.

If you are a teacher in the UK reading this chances are that you are either just crawling through the last few days of the last term of the year, ( In which case, what are you doing reading this?) or you have just started the longed for holidays.  (So really, why are you reading this?)  Those of you who are … Continue reading

Design sketching or why doodling is good for you………

I feel I should begin this post with an apology.  An apology to all the students over the years whom I have steered in the wrong direction on this one.  For the many who found their own way in the world as designers and makers, well you will have found out the truth for yourselves either consciously or in … Continue reading

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