Edging forward…….the tide turns for design in schools.

Forgive me for starting this post with an image of what is very much a post industrial landscape but in the last few years it has felt a bit like this if you are involved in or concerned about design in schools.  The persistence of the DfE in pushing forward the so called Ebacc with … Continue reading

3D Kernow makes a splash in Falmouth!

June sees a programme of influential speakers, demonstrations and hands on workshops focused on developing the uses of 3D printing technology in Cornwall.  This exciting initiative is the result of work by 3D Kernow, a group formed with the express purpose of encouraging the exploration of the technology for groups, individuals and companies in Cornwall. … Continue reading

The apprentice….too little, too late?

Surely I cannot be the only person who has noticed the bidding war between the parties on the number of apprenticeships that will be created during the next government ?   Sometimes the current level of debate reminds me more of a game of Toptrumps than a serious attempt to get policy across, ah well! … Continue reading

Ringing the Bell for creativity!

A long blogging break, justified only in part by my other project in the image, but now back to it!  And what a way to start the year.  Sir David Bell made national headlines with a robust critique of elements of the education system as it exists in this country at the moment.  The  arguments were … Continue reading

Reading, writing and wroughting…………..

Detail from a dining table by Edward Barnsley

  Following some pretty detailed comment from Martin Chandler on my last post it seems only fair to respond to some of what he said.  Given that I suspect both he and I come from pretty much the same stable there is a lot of common ground between us, but of course some issues arise … Continue reading

The tale wagging the dog…….how stories drive education policy.

Well it has been a long time since I last set finger to keyboard.  There has been some good news and some bad news on the Design Technology front.  The good news is that following an extraordinary level of comment from a whole host of interested parties, (to many even for Mr Gove to label … Continue reading

Deskilling society………

A long drive and a lengthy conversation about skill with someone who knows how to ask the right questions got me thinking about the current issues facing Design Technology education.  Well, alright, I have to admit that it usually doesn’t take very much to get me thinking about this but we did cover some new ground. … Continue reading

The EBacc is dead…..long live the EBacc

It will come as no surprise to many that the weekend has been full of conversations about the surprising events of last week as far as education is concerned.  First of all there was the news that Michael Gove had announced that he would not be pursuing the EBacc.  Could it be true?  Well as it turned … Continue reading

GCSE option choice………….well, perhaps not too much choice.

All around the country my colleagues are gearing up for the process of selling their subject.  Sorry, that should have read, “providing impartial advice and guidance to our pupils regarding their choice of courses for GCSE”.  However the current educational landscape has made this more contentious than usual.   Schools whose specialism has been Design Technology for years and who have … Continue reading

A deep and dark Govember…….Last chances and opportunities.

Apologies to Simon and Garfunkel for the misquote in the title but a friend recently had to give in to distaff pressure and shave off his blooming Mowvember ‘tache , got me thinking about November puns.  In the current media feeding frenzy about what the BBC should or should not have done much seems to go unremarked, not least the continuing, perhaps growing … Continue reading

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