A brief history of educational technology………please don’t tell Mr Gove!

Every once in a while it is good to think back a little and I have been doing some of that recently.  One of the interesting aspects of a long and happy career in education has been the changing face of the classroom and as this is the start of the summer holidays for most … Continue reading

Just another lesson………the deeper truth about learning objectives.

High order design skills in evidence with a year 8 pupil working on a project.

It wasn’t a formal lesson observation, the kind where you agree what you will be looking at, look at it and then talk about what you looked at.  It was just one of those countless situations where I needed to be in a colleagues room using a piece of equipment while they got on with the lesson … Continue reading

The Emperor’s new clothes…………….how not to review the curriculum.

Perhaps it is to do with the high levels of caffeine coursing through my bloodstream as a result of the espresso maker that was my Christmas present.  Perhaps it is just having some time to think.  Whatever the reason several ideas and thoughts have been bubbling away for me over the last day or two.  Priorities suggest that this … Continue reading

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