Quo vadis? What do we do with the E Bacc now?

It was with some relief that I read the report produced by the House of Commons select committee on education, published on 28th July.  If you want the full version rather than my potted summary you can find part I, the meaty bit on this link,  http://www.parliament.uk/business/committees/committees-a-z/commons-select/education-committee/publications/  The committee has come to a number of important conclusions though I have to … Continue reading

“Made in Britain, created in Britain, designed in Britain, invented in Britain…………..”

I cannot imagine a more stirring quotation for anyone involved in Design Technology education at any level.  “So this is our plan for growth.  We want the words:  ‘Made in Britain’, Created in Britain’, Designed in Britain’, ‘Invented in Britain’, to drive our nation forward.  A Britain carried aloft by the march of the makers.  That is … Continue reading

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