Iterative design……………….the shape of the future of Design Technology

Just over twelve months ago the proposed new National Curriculum for Design Technology had thrown most of us into disbelief and despair.  It seemed that all the work developing the subject over the last twenty or thirty years was simply to be discarded and a model rooted in the 1920’s was to be the way … Continue reading

Stylish lighting. (Image courtesy of Camborne Science and International Academy)

Less is more……….learning objectives or whatever you want to call them.

As I write the news is arriving that Michael Gove has suggested that all schools start taking the Common Entrance exam, used by private schools to select entrants for their establishments.  He seems to be oblivious of the fact that not very long ago all schools were taking something similar called SATs and that for … Continue reading

Design sketching: the way that designers think

Mind the design gap……………What it takes to teach Design Technology

A recent conversation prompted me to re think a conventional piece of wisdom about the qualities that a Design Technology teacher needs to have.  Of course these are all additional qualities to those that any teacher needs to do their job, well maybe, see what you think.  A long time ago I came across this … Continue reading

The EBacc is back…..never mind the children.

Well it  has certainly been an interesting start to the new academic year.  What is becoming the most consistent thing in education is that there is no consistency.  In a far off time it was the case that teachers regarded the August exam results day as of concern for their pupils; had they got the … Continue reading

Teaching Design Technology………….the oldest profession?

(It is of course scurrilous of me to use an image of one of Alan Tugwell’s stunning works and in the same breath even hint at what is usually deemed to be the oldest profession.  If you are taken with his work then you can check out his blog which, though out of date will … Continue reading

A brief history of educational technology………please don’t tell Mr Gove!

Every once in a while it is good to think back a little and I have been doing some of that recently.  One of the interesting aspects of a long and happy career in education has been the changing face of the classroom and as this is the start of the summer holidays for most … Continue reading

The tale wagging the dog…….how stories drive education policy.

Well it has been a long time since I last set finger to keyboard.  There has been some good news and some bad news on the Design Technology front.  The good news is that following an extraordinary level of comment from a whole host of interested parties, (to many even for Mr Gove to label … Continue reading

Measuring progress …………or shooting the goose?

A colleague and I were having a conversation.  One of those snatched moments in a corridor when something really happens and you find yourself getting excited about teaching as you share your thoughts, usually finished off with, “We really need to get together and have a proper talk.”  Which, of course, teaching being what it … Continue reading

Deskilling society………

A long drive and a lengthy conversation about skill with someone who knows how to ask the right questions got me thinking about the current issues facing Design Technology education.  Well, alright, I have to admit that it usually doesn’t take very much to get me thinking about this but we did cover some new ground. … Continue reading

The EBacc is dead…..long live the EBacc

It will come as no surprise to many that the weekend has been full of conversations about the surprising events of last week as far as education is concerned.  First of all there was the news that Michael Gove had announced that he would not be pursuing the EBacc.  Could it be true?  Well as it turned … Continue reading

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