Teaching creativity

  An argument that I had thought long dead resurface recently, briefly stated it suggests that creativity is not something that can or should be taught in schools because in order to be creative an individual needs to have a wide range of knowledge and skills.  These things are what schools should be teaching so … Continue reading

Iterative design……………….the shape of the future of Design Technology

Just over twelve months ago the proposed new National Curriculum for Design Technology had thrown most of us into disbelief and despair.  It seemed that all the work developing the subject over the last twenty or thirty years was simply to be discarded and a model rooted in the 1920’s was to be the way … Continue reading

Mind the design gap……………What it takes to teach Design Technology

Design sketching: the way that designers think

A recent conversation prompted me to re think a conventional piece of wisdom about the qualities that a Design Technology teacher needs to have.  Of course these are all additional qualities to those that any teacher needs to do their job, well maybe, see what you think.  A long time ago I came across this … Continue reading

Teaching Design Technology………….the oldest profession?

(It is of course scurrilous of me to use an image of one of Alan Tugwell’s stunning works and in the same breath even hint at what is usually deemed to be the oldest profession.  If you are taken with his work then you can check out his blog which, though out of date will … Continue reading

Simply the best……….subject to teach.

Well it has been an interesting few weeks; the pre Christmas slog followed by the all too brief  holiday and then back to a new term which already seems frighteningly short given the amount of work that we have to cram into the time.  Last but not least, snow!  For most of you that will seem like … Continue reading

Bad teachers and how to spot them…………….This weeks headline from Mr Gove.

Art Deco style research, learning to look and to see.

An astute colleague observed that Mr Gove managed to get himself into the broadsheet papers or on the media almost every week, citing his journalistic background as the source of his expertise.  This week the shock headline was all about making it easier for school heads to get rid of bad teachers.  So many things to say! … Continue reading

Leading a team: Design or default……how to create a culture.

For Eleanor, who will be a great team leader. As I write I realise that the real test of what I am about to say would be for you to contact one of the teachers in my team and ask them about the gap between what I say and what I do.   Please let … Continue reading

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