3D Kernow makes a splash in Falmouth!

June sees a programme of influential speakers, demonstrations and hands on workshops focused on developing the uses of 3D printing technology in Cornwall.  This exciting initiative is the result of work by 3D Kernow, a group formed with the express purpose of encouraging the exploration of the technology for groups, individuals and companies in Cornwall. … Continue reading

“It’s a replicator, Jim, but not as we know it”

  Well, our 3D printers have arrived and are in action.  I cannot recall anything that has so fired the imagination of pupils, staff and parents.  Children have been calling in to see what the latest creation is, staff have been struggling to get their heads around how you can print in 3D, parents have … Continue reading

I dare you…….follow the link and fail to be impressed.

Every once in a while I come across something that really excites me and today that is just what happened.  If you are reading this then you probably already know about the idea of 3d printing or rapid prototyping.  If by some chance this is new to you have a look at this post and then come back; https://designfizzle.wordpress.com/2011/03/07/so-you-mean-i-can-print-in-chocolate/.   What I came across … Continue reading

So which is your favorite museum?

It has not been easy to keep up with my target of a post a week over the holidays so I am going to have to get back into the habit now that the new year is starting.  It is also not easy to get images of pupil work so forgive me for this slightly random picture of the … Continue reading

A Tale of Two Journals………

An unlikely conjunction started me thinking today.  Busy lives and electronic media have largely weaned us off a daily newspaper but hanging on to a belief that we really ought to keep up to date with something more detailed than broadcast news, which does tend to trivialise issues, we started reading something called The Week. … Continue reading

So you mean I can print in chocolate….?

Breakfast television is sometimes a duty but rarely a joy.  This morning however the BBC featured a working full size bicycle that had been printed.  Don’t worry if that sentence doesn’t make much sense, what I am talking about is the relatively new technology of rapid prototyping; ways of making accurate, functional products in hours rather than days.  It … Continue reading

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