3D Kernow makes a splash in Falmouth!

June sees a programme of influential speakers, demonstrations and hands on workshops focused on developing the uses of 3D printing technology in Cornwall.  This exciting initiative is the result of work by 3D Kernow, a group formed with the express purpose of encouraging the exploration of the technology for groups, individuals and companies in Cornwall.  Regular readers will know that Cornwall boasts significant creative talent and world class broadband access yet is still a relatively low wage economy.  With a little imagination and ready access to world markets 3D printing and other digital technologies could have a significant impact.

Cube 3D printer in action

Cube 3D printer in action

Shipping lines are already carrying 3D printers to produce spare parts for ships while at sea, experiments are being carried out to see if they would function in space with a view to a long distance space journey, everything from houses to aircraft components are being produced.  In the creative sector artists, designers and craftspeople are pushing the boundaries and exploring the potential.

The pop up month is being hosted by the Royal Cornwall Polytechnic Society in the centre of Falmouth, with a long term vision for future developments.  This is a great opportunity to get to see what is happening at the cutting edge of this technology and to explore what might be coming in the near future.  For those of us within travelling distance, pick your event and come on over to Falmouth.  For those of you too far away for a day trip this could be your excuse to come to Cornwall for a short break.

For the full programme visit the website here, www.3dkernow.org and click on the “What’s On” tab.

Hope to see you there!


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